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Detroit MGM s Wolfgang Puck Steakhouse Closes Down Due to Fire

Detroit MGM’s Wolfgang Puck Steakhouse Closes Down Due to Fire

Wolfgang Puck Steakhouse in Detroit’s MGM Grand Casino was forced to shut down Thursday evening as a result of fire. The restaurant was going about its business as usual when a fire in its duct circulation system had to be put out by Detroit’s firefighting service at around 7:30 PM.

The news was announced by company spokeswoman Yvette Monet who reported from Las Vegas. According to the release, the fire seems to have started in the air-conditioning system of the restaurant’s kitchen. After the guests and staff were evacuated, the steakhouse closed down but there is no information when it is going to re-open.

The casino as well as the hotel in the building continued operating.

Authorities are currently looking into the cause of the fire.

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