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Dan Conley seeks citywide referendum

Dan Conley seeks citywide referendum

District attorney for Suffolk County, Daniel F. Conley has called one more time for a citywide referendum to stop the building of a $1 billion resort casino in East Boston. The attorney claimed that all city voters should take action and decide whether or not they want the casino to be built.

Even though he refers himself as "not morally opposed to a casino", he considers that “an Everett casino will impact a whole host of communities and neighborhoods of Boston that had no say in it.” However, if residents choose to open a casino, Conley will carry out the will of the voters.  

Back in June, casino developer Steve Wynn won approval from Everett residents to build the casino on the Mystic River waterfront but, if Conley is elected as the next  Mayor of Boston, he will file a suit against Wynn because affected communities haven't had the chance to vote yet.

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