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Culinary union reports sexual harassment of workers in Las Vegas casino

Culinary union reports sexual harassment of workers in Las Vegas casino

The Culinary Union has already announced their plans of going on a strike, and now they have released a  survey results that reflects widespread sexual harassment and safety concerns at Las Vegas casinos.

A survey reveals that 10,000 plus Las Vegas Casino workers, 27 percent of hotel housekeepers and 59 percent of cocktail servers had been harassed by the managers, guests or others while working. A Culinary news release on Tuesday stated that emphasized on vulnerable conditions under which the workers perform their duties.

The survey results led the Culinary and Bartenders union to ask for stronger safety protections in current contracts negotiations for 50,000 workers in 34 hotel-casinos on the strip and in downtown Las Vegas, Culinary stated.

MGM Resorts and International and Ceasers Entertainment Corp. are the two largest casino operators in Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Culinary also said that they have been 'positively responsive to the contract proposals on sexual harassment and safety buttons for guest room attendants.'

"We want to do our job with utmost dedication and provide world class service for our guests," said MGM Grand guest room attendant Maria Landeros.

"We are not here to be abused and bear with the narrow-minded people who think that anything goes because it is Vegas," she added.