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Cruise Ship Ban Lifted To Develop The Western Australia’s Tourism Industry

Cruise Ship Ban Lifted To Develop The Western Australia s Tourism Industry

In an attempt by the state to become a more attractive destination for cruise companies and thus generate additional revenue, the Western Australia government lifted a ban on cruise ship casinos.

To further develop Western Australia’s tourism industry, the government came up with the strategy to suspend the ban.

The long-standing ban on the provision of casino options on cruise ships averted Western Australia from exploiting the benefits of the growing trend. These cruise ships have become a popular tourist option among people from the Asia-Pacific region cruise ships and gambling on the board of such ships has been a highly preferred service.

With the new changes in the law, it would no longer be mandatory for the casino operations to be shut by the cruise ships upon approaching the Western Australian waters.

However, it should be noted that no cruise would be allowed to be organised with the sole purpose of gambling, as gambling would be merely a supplementary service.