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Cop accused of manslaughter, killing unarmed man in neck-hold at a Casino


Kenneth Lopera, a 31-year-old police officer was arrested on Monday for killing an unarmed man. He posted a $6,000 bail and was released from jail with a court date in August in the may 14 choking death of a 40-year old Tashii S. Brown.

Lopera has been accused of involuntary manslaughter, in which he killed an unarmed man with neck hold up following a chase through back hallways of a Las Vegas Strip casino.

Lopera could face up to 8 years in state prison for the manslaughter and oppression under colour charges, for which he will plead not guilty.

Brown was intoxicated by methamphetamine and had an enlarged heart died of lack of oxygen, or asphyxiation.

Lopera punched him in the head and neck several times and also used a stun gun on Brown seven times after the chase through the hallways leading to the rear driveway to a parking area.

It all started when Brown approached Lopera and his patrol partner in a casino coffee shop and said he thought people were after him.

Lopera, who was alone in the driveway, after losing his partner during chase thought he was being faced by a combative man trying to commit a carjacking

A video clip that was made public shows Lopera laser tagging, punching Brown on head and neck several times and used an unapproved chokehold for over a minute.