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Chinese High Rollers Chased After By Crown Casino

Chinese High Rollers Chased After By Crown Casino

Sometimes big casino players get to play on credit, which is nothing more than a loan, when they gamble big and frequently. At Crown Casino this policy has recently backfired as two Chinese high rollers refuse to pay their owed gambling debt.

According to the Supreme Court in Melbourne, Australia these two gamblers racked up a tab of over $12,000,000. One of the two gamblers lost almost $3 million in 2012 while the other lost a staggering $9.6 million during one single weekend back in 2008.

One of the defendants, Tu Jian, had $25 left in his safety deposit box after leaving the property, and Crown seized that tiny amount after being repaid only $100,000 by Jian himself.

Giving out a line of credit to high stakes gamblers is a common feature in casinos such as Crown. The biggest casino in Australia depends a lot on their VIP gamblers, as last year they accounted for $790 million of their total revenue.

So while giving out these lines of credit usually pays off it’s probably hurting the Melbourne based casino a lot too, seeing that more than $12 million remains to be unpaid.