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China Sentences Prison To Crown Resorts Employees

China Sentences Prison To Crown Resorts Employees

The three Australian employees of Crown Resorts were sentenced to less than a year in the prison by a Shanghai court on Monday, for illegally promoting gambling in China.

The term includes the time they have already spent in prison. Along with them, 13 other employees were sentenced, including one Malaysian and 12 Chinese nationals.

 Jason O’Connor, the Vice President of V.I.P International Operations, Crown Resorts was sentenced a 10 months term in prison. While, Pan Dan and Jerry Xuan, the other two Australian nationals were sentenced a nine moths term each in prison.

It was reported that all of them were detained since October 14 and all three of them shall be released in weeks or months.

       Three other Crown employees have reportedly been convicted, though they have not been fined or sentenced to prison.

China with this step wanted to give out a strong message of how seriously it took gambling laws.