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Chicago Comes With The First Casino

Chicago Comes With The First Casino

The city of Chicago coming with their first casino as the city waited from decades for the legislature to authorize a casino, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to know the suitable location to put the casino.

To know the opinions of the public, a survey is released on Friday by the city so it could  get the input from the Chicagoans about where the casino should put, which they hope to get it right and soon. The survey came after so many weeks when light foot's team released a list of some suggested sites for the casino in the city.

Chicagoans can use this survey to share their thoughts, even after the results are released. Moreover, as per the Mayor's Office news release, the city will organize a community meet up so that the residents can talk and share their opinions about the location and operation of the casino.

In the survey they ask questions from Chicagoans like Where they like the casino to go- giving geographic-specific options like "near Downtown" and vaguer ones like "near other entertainment venues" - or else to share their opinions about the casino or if they are also interested in working at the casino.

Further, the survey asked the respondents about what complementary facilities would they want to see in the built casino, suggesting an amusement park, a golf course, shopping complex or hotel, and many more things.

Also, the audience is free to share any other additional comment about the casino.