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Casinos sharing intel network to fight off cheaters

Casinos sharing intel network to fight off cheaters

Casinos worldwide have been sharing data and information in an effort to ward off cheaters and advantage players and have thus created somwehat of a intelligence network which they can tap into in an effort to recognize, identify and ban players from their venues.

Casinos have always had problems with card counters and cheaters who can try to outsmart several casinos within a matter of hours or days and with new technolgies emerging all the time the job has gotten more sophisticated than ever.

It is not known exactly how much revenue casinos lose to these players, but casinos nowadays don't spare any costs and dedicate a chunky share of their profits to fraud prevention and combatting.

If the security system identifies a (possible) cheater, casino security will monitor the person for suspicious activity before even moving in on to the suspect. When cheating is evident, casinos will either restrict their game play or kick them out of the place and add the data to the network.