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Casino’s in Sochi to Open in May

Casino s in Sochi to Open in May

Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly popular to travel to, especially for gambling happy people who are looking for a new experience outside of the regular major cities. One of the places that these people can go in the future is Sochi in Russia, mostly known for having been a popular travel destination for rich Russians in the past and for having hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014.

The city was granted gambling licenses by the Russian government, which made it possible for them to sell spaces to land-based casinos, who would take advantage of the ideal location out to the sea. The gambling area’s in Sochi will be open to the public in May, where the first casinos will be open for wagering.

It is believed that with the new gambling area in Sochi, more tourists from across Eastern Europe and Russia will go there for their holidays. It is also expected that people from across the world would come and see the Olympic city and try their luck at the tables. The city will have a 72-hour visa-free transit.

Sochi is one of two new gambling zones in Russia, with the other one being in Crimea – Formerly a part of Ukraine. The casinos constructed in Sochi will be using the Olympic buildings for their operations and will not be allowed to build any new buildings.

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