| On 7 years ago

Casinos embracing 3D technology


Hollywood has been bitten by the 3D bug and as a result it’s been churning out movie after movie in 3D which in turn prompted appliance and technology developers to produce cheaper and higher quality 3D television sets for enjoying 3D movies at home.

The 3D bug seems to have also bitten the casino industry, both land-based and online. IGT for example has introduced a glasses-free 3D platform called REELDepth Technology. It uses multi-layer displays which use two separate LCD panels to give a sense of depth. By moving game elements between both screens its possible to recreate a pseudo-3D effect.

Robert Allen, IGT’s Corporate Vice President of Slot Operations for Grand Casinos said, “It presents to the player what is arguably the best slot game experience to date. REELdepth embodies much of what is best about IGT — forward-looking technology and engineering, design and application of game content with artistic flair, and the full gamut of great slot games. Initially, the 3D appearance draws players’ interest, but once they figure out they can switch from playing a 3-reel spinning-reel theme to a 4- or 5-reel game right at their seat, they’re hooked”.

3D is already a big hit with land-based casinos and might become the next big thing in the online gambling industry.