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Casino roof collapse leave many people injured

Casino roof collapse leave many people injured

A collapse of roof in Larry Flynt casino in Garden left multiple people injured on Monday morning, as officials said there are 11 people injured but none of them is serious.

A large portion of the roof over the lobby fell on the gaming table at around 10 am in the moring, the seven injured people have been transported to the hospital.  

The search and rescue team went there at around 11:30 am after receiving a call about the incident at 10:09 am with searching dogs  but no other victim was found. Officials said that they didn’t find the exact reason of  the roof collapse. And they secured the bulding so that no one could go inside to take money or anything else.

“We have no idea on the cause of that,” Stevens said.

Moreover, a casino spokeswoman said that the Casino would remain closed for some days and later it was closed with yellow tape acrosse the buildings entrance. Also, they red tagged the bulding which means nobody is allowed to go inside until the authorties are able to know the reason behind the collapse of roof.

A 63 year old Soly Kasuo said that he was on his way to the casino when he saw the fire vehicles.

Ann Green, a 52 year old from Los Angeles said that she arrived the casino after the collapse and she was glad that the casino was not completley full otherwise there must have been a big targedy.