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Casino projects spread over South Europe

Casino projects spread over South Europe

Countries in Southern Europe such as France, Spain and Cyprus are facing an increase in the casino industry. As the region considers itself to be the new Las Vegas, in spite of the economic crisis they face, casino projects are multiplying quickly.

Frenchvallée, a leirsure complex in Marseille, France, has over 30 casino-hotels and in Spain, the EuroVegas plans on building at least six casinos and twelve hotels in the capital city of Madrid. The Cyprus governemnet, has given out permits to build what would be the first casino on the southern tip of the island. There are already 31 casinos in the Turkish side.

However, these multimillionaire projects has also created strong oppositions. For example, the Orthodox Church of Cyprus is completely against the construction of casino related activities so as in Spain and France where thousands have already protested against the casino development. Ironically, these debates are beneficial for the former as there's an economic growth and increase in tourism, reason why these contries continue to grow.

According to sociologist Jean-Pierre Martignoni, studies revealed that there is a relationship between the falling of incomes and an increase in gambling. In other words, "the poorer you are, the more you play".