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Casino denies woman jackpot winnings

Casino denies woman jackpot winnings

Omaha woman was denied winnings by a casino. She played a penny slot at Ameristar in Council Bluffs Tamara Bean and won $1,733. 


The woman stated, "it's the first time I've won in 15 years and now magically they're going to say you don't get your money."


Reportedly, she was banned from the casino in 2002 for a substance in her purse that she had said was pot. "They haven't shown me anything to state I wasn't allowed in there, " said woman on the ban notice.


Ameristar stated that the game commission said casino has no duty to ensure the banned player is not on the premises. The casinos don't require any security number for reward card, which means a banned player using another name not be recognized until they win and must have a social security number.

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