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Canadian Loses Again After Suing Casino

Canadian Loses Again After Suing Casino

A Canadian woman from British Columbia lost her appeal as she was trying to reclaim the $330,000 she lost gambling in casinos while being on the ‘self exclusion list’, according to a CBC news report.

In British Columbia it’s possible to have yourself excluded from gambling establishments by the B.C. Lottery Corporation, but this doesn’t mean your losses will be covered in case you do end up gambling. The lady in question, Joy Ross, claimed that the self-exclusion program actually hurt her, as she felt this was a safety, which would hold her back from gambling.

The self-exclusion program however works with facial recognition software, and if a member manages to get by the cameras it’s anyone’s game. Ross said she would’ve sought out help earlier if she hadn’t excluded herself, but the judge ruled that casino employees cannot be relied on to spot every person that has a gambling problem. On top of this the self-exclusion program is not a binding contract but merely a way to limit people with a gambling problem.

Ross was not satisfied with the judge’s ruling and she’s considering appealing to this decision with $330,000 in gambling losses on the line.