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Caesar's tops the social casino games charts

Caesar's tops the social casino games charts

According to a market research publication conducted by Eilers Research, Caesar's Interactive Entertainment topped the charts as the number one social casino games publisher during the third quarter of 2013. Nevertheless, overall figures show revenues for the category as a whole were stagnant.

Despite massive growth in tablet and mobile device sales and usage, the decline is social gaming is ongoing as can be seen by the 7% decline of such games in Facebook. During this last quarter, Caesar's launched a new game called Caesar's Slots as well as the 'World Series of Poker' poker client.

Even Slotmania, the champion social game from Caesar's experienced a decline in revenues. If this trend is due to a change in the corporation's marketing practices or if consumers are over the social gaming hype, is yet to be seen. Regardless, Caesar's rules the charts with a 15% market share.

The research took into consideration top-grossing social casino games available on such platforms as Google Play, iOS and Facebook and includes games such as bingo, poker and classic casino games.