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British Columbia Probes Alleged Money Laundering At The Casinos

British Columbia Probes Alleged Money Laundering At The Casinos

The British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (BGPEB) recently concluded that there were significant volumes of the unknown source being taken in the casino, following which the government of British Columbia is set to recheck the allegations of suspected money laundering.

According to the 400-page report, completed in 2016, but released on Friday, more than $500,000 has been accepted at the River Casino Resort in Richmond. According to the report, the law enforcement intelligence has indicated that the money could be direct proceeds of crime. The major portion of this cash is represented by people commonly referred as high roller Asian VIP clients.

In July 2015 River Rock casino was identified accepting $13.5 million in $20 bills by the officials from the gaming policy and enforcement branch. The officers were told the cash was from unknown people, who were believed to be connected to illegal activity, was dropped off at the casino or just off casino property for customers at unusual timings, mostly late at night.

Meanwhile, the government is trying its best to identify money-laundering activities and make sure that there are policies introduced that check it from happening further in British Columbia casinos.