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Bribery scandal compels Japan to delay the policy for selecting casino resort host cities

Bribery scandal compels Japan to delay the policy for selecting casino resort host cities

The government Of Japan is likely to delay the selecting process of casino host cities because of a bribery scandal that has seen the arrest of ruling-party lawmaker Tsukasa Akimoto, according to sources.

Earlier the government planned to lay down the basic policy to determine the guidelines for selecting cities, at least by the end of this month. The government was planning to allow at least three casino resorts to be opened which included the potential bidders like Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. But after the scandal the officials are now planning to postpone that process, the sources of the government confirmed.

In the course of action, we saw last month that prosecutor arrested Akimoto, a Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker previously in charge of casino policy. He was arrested on a suspicion that he accepted bribes from a Chinese company seeking to build a casino in Japan.

The arrest of the official heated up the public opinion that were already opposed to the unpopular plan to allow casino. However, the government in order to response to the whole mess intend to consider adding rules to the basic policy on when resort operators make contact with ministers, vice ministers or parliamentary secretaries.

Hamstrung is trying to boost tourism “integrated resorts”- Las Vegas-style complexes that include casino, shopping arcades and conference centers. Hamstrung is basically trying to reach the objective because of a weak economy and a shrinking and tax base country, which Japan currently is.

So even though the government wants to open all those casinos by the mid of 2020s at the earliest, a significant delay in the creation of the basic policy can have negative effect on the schedule.

To tell you, the basic policy involves the criteria for rating area development plans to be submitted by municipal or prefectural governments for hosting casinos. 

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