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Blue Gem Gaming Closed Down by the Dutch Authorities After Investigation

Blue Gem Gaming Closed Down by the Dutch Authorities After Investigation

Blue Gem Gaming was a company which was created in the aftermath of the Sheriff Gaming scandal, where the owners were arrested and prosecuted with charges of money laundering, dealing drugs and operating illegal online gambling sites. The company claimed to be un-affiliated with Sheriff Gaming and said that they were the "development team" from the company who wanted to go their own ways and continue to offer their famous casino games to the players.

But apparently the Dutch government knew something that the rest of us didn't, as they decided to close down Blue Gem Gaming. The allegations is once again running illegal gambling companies, money laundering and dealing drugs and it is speculated towards if the company have a relationship with Teletick BV, which is a online payments and telecommunications company which is alleged to having dealt drugs and other similar things.

The CEO of Blue Gem Gaming was none other than the brother of the CEO of Sheriff Gaming, despite Blue Gem Gaming claiming all along they had no affiliation with Sheriff Gaming. It will be interesting to see if the company will remain closed and how they will try to spin their own press releases towards claiming that they still have no affiliation with Sheriff Gaming.

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