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Big Bang Slots Game Released by NetEnt

Big Bang Slots Game Released by NetEnt

NetEnt, one of the most successfull online gaming platforms in Europe, has just released its latest slots game called Big Bang. The theme of the game is deep space and players are taken into an interstellar journey where they encounter wild symbol substitutions and progressive multipliers.

The game feature a sensory rich environment with crisp audio, smooth graphics and colourfull images. Winning multipliers allow players to earn 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 and even 32 times their winnings. Every feature of this new Netent slots game offers a high-yield expectation for eager players.

According to Simon Hammon, CPO of NetEnt, "Big Bang continues our tradition of creating best-of-breed video slot games for the online casino market. Much like space, there’s so much to discover within Big Bang that players are bound to come back for more and more on the reels".

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