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Beta testing of Elray Bitcoin casino

Beta testing of Elray Bitcoin casino

Elray Gaming has announced it begun to beta test its new Bitcoin casino prior to officialy launching. Bitcoin is a virtual currency with no central regulation but rather regulated via peer to peer exchange. In just four years, Bitcoin's value has risen from $0.50 to over $203.

Elray Gaming has integrated a Bitcoin processing system to its propietary casino platform and is now beta testing the integration. The casino will offer all popular gaming categories like poker games, table, card and dice games, sports and virtual horse racing available for wagering with Bitcoins. At the moment, the most important part of the testing is to ensure that all Bitcoin transactions are safe and secure and to guarantee players a trusted gaming platform.

Elray Gaming CEO, Brian Goodman, said, "If you had invested $50 into Bitcoins in 2009 your Bitcoin value would now be over 2 Million USD. Bitcoin is a unique opportunity and is gaining more and more momentum and traction, even within the physical world; it is now possible to actually spend Bitcoins without exchanging them for traditional currency. I expect more and more demand and internet usage of the Bitcoin and as such we are developing unique products that will allow online operators of gaming products to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. There are currently only approximately 12 Million Bitcoins in Circulation and the demand is increasing every day therefore driving the price higher. Demand is fuelled primarily by the ease of use and the growing acceptance on the Net."

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