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Bet365 Casino Christmas Promotion

Bet365 Casino Christmas Promotion

Bet365 is offering a Christmas promotion for the month of December called "12 levels od Christmas". Players who participate will receive prizes based on the number of comp points they accumulate.

The prizes being given away by Bet365 for the promotion according to points are listed below:

Level One: £25 Cash with 1,000 Comp Points
Level Two: £50 Cash with 2,000 Comp Points
Level Three: Amazon Kindle Fire with 4,000 Comp Points
Level Four: £250 Cash with 10,000 Comp Points
Level Five: iPad with Retina Display with 20,000 Comp Points
Level Six: £1,000 Cash with 40,000 Comp Points
Level Seven: LG Smart LCD Television with 60,000 Comp Points
Level Eight: £2,500 Cash with 100,000 Comp Points
Level Nine: London Luxury Weekend with 200,000 Comp Points
Level Ten: Trip to Las Vegas with 400,000 Comp Points
Level Eleven: £25,000 Cash with 1,000,000 Comp Points
Level Twelve: Jaguar F-Type with 2,400,000 Comp Points

Players can only claim one prize, the one on the highest tier of points accumulated at the end of the promo. Also, players need to actively opt-in to this promo.