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Ben Affleck Banned From the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas

Ben Affleck Banned From the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas

The famous Hollywood actor Ben Affleck is a man that loves to gamble. He has publically talked about the home-games he attended to play poker as well as how he goes to the casinos and plays casino games. Now he won't be doing that anymore in the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

Affleck was caught counting cards while playing blackjack Monday night in the casino, where a security guard escorted him away from the high rollers table. Affleck was later on banned for life from the casino, as he apparently had won too much and attracted suspicion from the security department. They determined that Affleck had been counting cards and that is against the rules of the casinos.

Ben Affleck Playing Poker

Ben Affleck Playing Poker in the WSOP in 2007

While counting cards is not illegal per law, the casinos do not allow it simply because they would eventually go broke from the players having the edge and not them. It was not the first time Affleck was cleaning out the Hard Rock Casino, he did the same back in 2001, where he won over $800,000 playing.

Perhaps the casino felt that he shouldn't be able to do the same again and kept an eye on the high profile celebrity while playing, or maybe Affleck just didn't disguise his counting very well. Hard Rock Casino has refused to make any comments on the case for now.

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