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Australia's Crown casino facing crime link claims

Australia's Crown casino facing crime link claims

Crown casino one of the most powerful and highly recognized casino complex in the southern hemisphere and also, Australia's second most potent business dynasty, reached PR nuclear button on Thursday.

According to the reports of advertisement they deny all the allegations aggressively that made in the Australian media that Crown efforted to attract Chinese high rollers to its Melbourne gaming rooms, and partnered people to encourage crime in Mainland China to stretch strict laws against the promotion of gambling, which leads to the arrest of 19 crown staff in China in the year 2016.

These allegations were reported by the Nine Entertainment Company, which initially had a partnership with Crown. Moreover, after nine aired the reports, the Crown casino has been under the military operators, in their flagship newspaper and television current affairs program of 60 minutes and In just two days Crown dropped to 7.7 %.

On Tuesday more fire added in the Crown's case by the independent MP Andrew Wilkie who claims that there were "no Border Force checks" when high rollers were brought into Australia. It all happened on the casino's private jet.

However, Crown stated that a "deceitful campaign of "poor or misleading journalism."

Further, it says that the money laundering was risky as the most the casino customers were junket operators, rather than the individual ones.

This clears that the casino was doing anti-money laundering "know your customer" checks on gamblers but not on junket operators which might be difficult as they are from the overseas.

Lastly, Nine stated that they work from a "careful source" and Crown denied to answer 63 questions which they put on it.