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Australian Casino to have circus entertaining their guests

Australian Casino to have circus entertaining their guests

Phoenix Circus Extreme is in the house for a weekend filled with daredevil acts, optical illusionism and excellent circus fun. Phoenix Harrison and his partner Cassandra Gasser are the youngest circus owners in the country, and with a lineup of performers aged 18 to 35, they are arguably the most adolescent circus in Australia.

Harrison said that the animal performing in circus' are getting old fashioned and the animal-free show represents a new generation of circus events that would thrill the whole family.

"We want to change the world of circus, and with animal performing under pressure is not only getting old fashioned but also highlights the brutality of humans over animals.  Our circus is not a traditional circus show anymore, but we still have a lot of regular circus acts. We have got the world's famous Glove of Death then the freestyle flair trial motorcycle riders, Cassandra Lady of Illusion, also cool clowns, stunning aerial acrobatics and much more," said Harrison. "This is a family-friendly show; it caters for children to the elderly," he further added.

Harrison said the 120-minute show would also offer a meet-and-greet after the show for photo opportunities for their die-hard fans.

As the youngest circus owner in Australia, we asked Phoenix Harrison what drove him to start a new circus. "The world of circus is full of adventure, and we love extreme adventures. I am passionate about extreme sports too, and we are the only circus company who are doing this in this country. My idea is to take something that hasn't been done before to rural and country towns," he said. "We are not a traditional show at all; we are a circus with an action feel to it."