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Atlantic City Worried About Darkness from Closed Casino's

Atlantic City Worried About Darkness from Closed Casino's

Before the month of September ends, a total of four casinos and hotels will have closed their doors in Atlantic City, leaving around 8,000 employees without a job. But the biggest concern for Atlantic City is currently not the employees, who is expected to be able to find a job either in another area or in another industry, but instead the darkness that the empty buildings will provide on the signature boardwalk.

Atlantic City is similar to Las Vegas in many ways and is a city that primarily lives off the tourism, rather than the locals. This means that they need to portray a specific 'image' to the tourists, which doesn't include having big casinos completely dark and empty.

"If you rely on tourism, you want bright lights. All the promotional shots of Las Vegas are at night with the lights on. Darkness is almost the antithesis of entertainment." Israel Posner, Head of Gaming Studies at Richard Stockton College said.  

Instead of leaving the buildings empty, many locals suggests that the buildings can be turned into business centres, residential areas, student homes or similar, simply to ensure that the buildings will remain in use and not just age and fall apart, along with the tourism in the city.

For now many of the closed down casinos are still trying to sell their property to a third party who can do what he wants with it. Revel Casino and Hotel is set to close on September 1st, but will try to sell their $2.4 billion casino and hotel until it is 100% impossible to do so.

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