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Atlantic City will re-open their most expensive casino this summer

Atlantic City will re open their most expensive casino this summer

Revel casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was one of four casinos to close in 2014 due to bankruptcy and a tate takeover of its finances. Florida businessman Glenn Straub, who bought the casino last year, announced that part of the property will again be open for business this summer.



Revel had cost $2.4 billion which makes it the most expensive casino of the city's history. Straub said that dining and hotel rooms will be available this summer. He also plans to have a gaming floor, though his license from the state Division of Gaming Enforcement is still pending.



Ever since Straub acquired the casino he has been fined multiple times over the fire suppression systems in the casino and battled in court with the company that supplied power to the facility. There were even ideas to convert the casino into a university or to use it as temporary accomodation for Syrian refugees. Even the seagulls didn't cut Straub some slack; the birds crashing into the windows of Revel has cost him $36.000.



When the company re-opens this summer it will get a name name change, Straub said. A new name hasn't been decided upon yet.