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Atlantic City promoters not convinced by online gambling

Atlantic City promoters not convinced by online gambling

The launch of online gambling and poker in New Jersey was the highlight of the month in news and media outlets yet the Atlantic City Alliance, the organization in charge of marketing and promoting Atlantic City, remained nervously quiet. The organization, notorious for their lively promotional ads, did not even mention online gambling in any of their marketing efforts despite the media hype.

It seems the Alliance believes online gambling can only hurt them. The organization spends on average $30 million per year to promote the boardwalk attractions, the city, its casinos and resorts. Their campaign revolves around the slogan "Do AC" and according to officials from the Alliance, one can't "Do AC" if one is staying home gambling over the internet.

According to Liz Cartmell, CEO of the Atlantic City Alliance, "We promote all the reasons for people to visit year-round: the beach, the Boardwalk, nightlife, live entertainment, dining, spas, and rooms with amazing water views and incredible deals. Gaming, of course, remains a central attraction, but not the only attraction."

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