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Aspiring Rapper Killed in Las Vegas Casino

Aspiring Rapper Killed in Las Vegas Casino

The 25-year old aspiring rapper who goes by the name of ‘Hollywood Will’ has been shot and killed in a suite in the Palms Hotel Casino. Evan Plunkett, the deceased’s real name, was shooting a music video up in the Sky Villas suite when he was shot amidst a group of 40 people this week.

Plunkett, according to the coroner, was shot dead in his left chest just before 9:30 PM on Thursday night. According to local police Plunkett got into a fight with three other men during the shoot of a rap video in the suite also known as the Hugh Hefner suite. The tower was locked down for investigation for several hours but no arrest have been made yet.

The young man who had moved to Las Vegas from California to pursue a career in music. Plunkett graduated from Basic High School in 2007 and later from the University of Las Vegas. This death is the 47th homicide in Metro’s jurisdiction this year.

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