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Anti Online Gambling Coalition Losing Ground

Anti Online Gambling Coalition Losing Ground

Sheldon Adelson has been lashing out against online gambling ever since the DOJ changed its stance towards online gaming in 2012. The casino mogul and owner of Las Vegas Sands corportaion is on a war path against any kind of online gamblingin the United States, but his efforts, wealth and name seem to not be enough to get Congress on board. Two members of Congress have described the Las Vegas Sands corporation and its Senior Vice President, Andrew Abboud, as "hypocrites".

The latest move by the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling involves challenging the Department of Justice's revised stance on the 1961 Wire Act and this time they want to change the language used in the bill to include prohibition of online gambling, poker and even lotteries. That might be on the reasons the group has received so little support from Congress.

It is especially the proposed prohibition of online lottery which prevents the coalition from garnering support in the political spheres. There are a great many states which depend on the internet lottery revenues to sustain an ever worsening economy. It will be very unlikely for any politician to support a movement or a bill that tries to make internet lotteries illegal since the move has been described as "biting the hand that feeds" in terms of politics.

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