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Another Unsuccessful Attempt at Georgia House Casino Bill

Another Unsuccessful Attempt at Georgia House Casino Bill

The bill to legalize casinos in Georgia has once again failed to make it beyond the committee stage. The piece of legislation, which was introduced the night before Crossover Day, will have a possibility for re-instation no early than the following year.

House Bill 158 was unable to secure sufficient House vote in the Regulated Industries Committee.

Opposition to the proposal was the strongest among members of the Faith and Freedom Commission. During a news conference of the body yesterday, GA State Senator Josh McKoon expressed his indignation with the approach of the lawmakers who introduced the casino gaming bill. “If you want to know why the public does not trust their government, and why they don’t trust their elected House, it is because of behavior like this”, he said.

Bill sponsor Representative Ron Stephens defended the proposal by claiming it should have been given consideration in the House due to the substantial amount of money casino revenues could bring to the Hope Scholarship and Pre-K funding. He vowed not to forsake the issue until a positive vote is obtained.