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AGA addresses Adelson's new anti-gambling campaign

AGA addresses Adelson's new anti gambling campaign

Yesterday we reported on Las Vegas Sand's owner, Sheldon Adelson's, newest efforts to block legalized and regulated online gambling and online poker throughout the United States. Now the American Gaming Association (AGA) is stepping up to face Adelson's campaign. In an ironic twist, Las Vegas Sands is a member of the American Gaming Association itself, which promotes the legalization of online gambling at federal and state levels.

The American Gaming Association is also present in Capitol Hill and is dedicated to achieving a federal-wide bill which would regulate, tax and license online gambling games and online poker. This is exactly what Adelson doesn't want and is trying hard to put a stop on with his newest campaign and group.

In a statement, the American Gaming Association has said: “Time and again, government efforts to prohibit use of everyday products have failed. In 2012, Americans spent nearly $3 billion gambling with rogue offshore operators. The Internet cannot be forced back into the bottle — nor can market demand. We support pragmatism and strong regulation of online gaming that protects consumers, prevents underage play, ensures the integrity of the games and empowers law enforcement. New government efforts to prohibit online gaming will unintentionally strengthen black market providers, create more risk for American consumers, including children, and drive U.S. jobs and potential revenues overseas. We appreciate divergent viewpoints and welcome a healthy discussion on this complex issue.”