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Adelson being 'hypocritical' on online gambling

Adelson being 'hypocritical' on online gambling

Senate house members pointed out the seemingly contradictory position towards online gambling in the US of billionaire Sheldon Adelson, during a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on Tuesday. Adelson who is CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation has been doing nothing but opposing attempts to legalize online gambling on federal and state levels.

Adelson was called out as 'hypocritical' when it was pointed out that despite his protesting of online gambling, his Las Vegas hotel Venetian offers mobile gambling to its customers and visitors. According to promotional text from the Venetian website, "Is there anything you can’t do on a smartphone or tablet nowadays? Mobile Casino Gaming is available to you on property during your stay, and you can even play from your room!"

Adelson's group was questioned by members of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on trade, who asked why his hotel was allowed to offer mobile gambling while at the same time opposing others to do the same.

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