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Actor-Director Kevin Costner Shuts Down His South Dakota Casino

Actor Director Kevin Costner Shuts Down His South Dakota Casino

Actor and Director Kevin Costner owned casino, Midnight Star in Deadwood, South Dakota, has closed down completely after operating for 26 years.

According to the Rapid city journal, the casino that shut its door has left around 40 full and part-time employees of the casino unemployed.

Costner opened the casino in the year 1991, the very year he won many academy awards for his South Dakota located film Dances with Wolves that won him best director award along with multiple other Academy awards.

The casino was an instant hit after opening that offered retail shopping, dining and drinking options along with gaming and with it plenty of Costner’s movie souvenirs. With the coming of newer, fancier options nearer to the Midnight’s customer's home, it proved out to be eventually fatal for the casino.

Costner said he had to announce the closing of the casino with a heavy heart but was “enormously proud of what the Midnight Star became.”

As of now, there have been no announcements for a planned sale of the Midnight Star.