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Access to internet more popular among mobile devices

Access to internet more popular among mobile devices

Nowadays, going online has become easier and cheaper as cellphone companies provide more accesible plans, being Smartphone and Tablets the most popular devices. However, this represents a big challenge for companies, as they must provide mobile-friendly contents for those users who switched for mobile devices.

Facebook, Wikipedia and Amazon are good examples of this understanding as they've managed to bring 20% of their users to these devices. Same goes for many igaming companies who are redesigning their websites and games sso they can be accesed via mobile devices. Mobile casino and sports betting are the most popular products, followed by bingo and poker.

According to a survey conducted by an American non-profit fact-tank (Pew Internet), stated that in 2012, 55% of the American population had used mobile devices to access the internet, 31% of which, said they've used either an iPhone, iPad, tablet or an Android device as their main source to go online.

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