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A man calls himself a terrorist, creates panic in Melbourne's Casino

A man calls himself a terrorist creates panic in Melbourne's Casino

A man who claimed himself to be a terrorist created panic among the people and created a mass evacuation at Melbourne's Crown Casino. Nadim Ismail, 55, was arrested on charges of making threats to kill, making false reports to people and making false statements.

People in the casino were asked to evacuate the casino after they heard that a man with backpack was acting suspiciously. The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard Ismail who became agitated last night when the casino staff asked him not to leave the bag unattended.

During a contested bail application the court heard Ismail had allegedly been drinking in the casino’s Lumina bar since 11am on Wednesday. Crown staff spoke to him about his backpack which he often left unattended.

He also tried to threaten the security guards by calling himself a 'Pakistani terrorist'. Staff were concerned about a green plasticine substance kept in man's bag, later it was found to be a package of tobacco.

"The accused became aggressive and yelled at her. He also asked her why she had a problem with him," police said. Allegedly, he asked the security, "Do you know who I am?".

Magistrate Simon Zebrowski said police and security staff acted appropriately given the heightened awareness of terror attacks.

"He is not a terrorist, he is a bloke who came in the club to have fun. He got drunk and that's why made some really stupid  comments." Ismail was granted bail by Mr. Zebrowski as he understood that the Malaysian would be taken into immigration detention as his visa has been cancelled. Ismail would be transferred from police custody to immigration detention and return to the court on March 4.