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A couple stabbed to death at Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas

A couple stabbed to death at Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas

A couple were stabbed to death at Circus Circus hotel and casino on Friday, reported authorities. The couple had come to visit Las Vegas from Vietnam as a part of a Vietnamese tourist group that had come to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, LA police said.

The couple was supposed to be present for a tour of the Grand canyon, but they never showed up, police said.

The group informed the hotel and the couple were found dead of multiple stab wounds after the hotel staff did a welfare check of the room.

"We're early on in the investigation and we are still trying to determine whether it's a murder-suicide or a double homicide," Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Ray Spencer said at a press conference.

"So are investigating and we are yet to figure out the details," he added.

"We have been informed that there was a disturbance at about 2 o'clock in the morning," he said.

"There appeared to be arguing taking place in hotel room from a witness who overheard the conversation," he added.

Spencer also said that no one entered or exited through the hotel room door from the time the couple entered the room Thursday night until security did the welfare check on Friday afternoon.

Circus Circus is owned by MGM Resorts, and they have told Las Vegas ABC affiliate KTNV in a statement  that there was "no active threat" to guests.