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36 killed in an attack on Resorts World Manila, Philippines

36 killed in an attack on Resorts World Manila Philippines


In a tragic attack in the wee hours of Friday at Resorts World Manila's Casino, 36 people have been killed and 54 injured. The identity of the attacker is yet unknown.

The attacker carried an assault rifle, fired shots and set fire to the gaming tables. The gunman entered the resort via the parking lot. A search was carried out and information on registration was found from the car.

He barged straight into the building as there was only one security guard who panicked seeing the automatic rifle.

As per the reports, the victims who didn't die of gunshot wounds died of the suffocation as thick clouds of smoke from the fire engulfed the building.

The authorities ruled out terrorism as the motive of the attack and suspect a robbery to be the motive.

The attacker stole gaming chips amounting to a total of 113 million pesos ($2.3 million), stuffing it all in a bag and destroyed the room, the bag was later recovered.

According to the witnesses, the suspect began pouring the contents of the bottle on one of the tables and lit it on fire. There was smoke everywhere and the gunshots were fired in the air. The gunman didn't appear to be firing at people.

The suspect took his life, by setting himself on fire after a self-inflicting gunshot wound. His body was found burnt beyond recognition, next to a machine gun and a .380 caliber pistol.

Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde said, "He looks Caucasian, he talks English, he's big and he's white, so he's probably a foreigner."

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is a mile away from the resort was put on the lockdown but resumed operations later. The security is on high alert.