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2015 Horror year for Macau's casinos

2015 Horror year for Macau's casinos

Figures of the earnings of casinos in Macau affirm that 2015 was a bad year for the gambling-industry. Revenue from the VIP market dropped a mind blowing 39.9 percent compared to 2014. Where the VIP market collected around MOP212.54 billion in 2014 (roughly $26.4 billion), 2015 was only good for MOP127.82 billion ($15.9 billion).


The leading cause for this downfall are the economic deceleration and Beijing's anti-corruption suppression, causing the absence of a lot of high-rollers.


Though the VIP market was hit the hardest, the casino gross gaming revenue declined by 34.3 percent in 2015 as well, sinking to MOP230.84 billion.

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