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£1 Spin Turned Into £1.6 Million for British Man

1 Spin Turned Into 1.6 Million for British Man

We all dream about it, but some people are lucky enough to experience hitting the big jackpot for a minimum wager. One of them is an anonymous man from South Lanarkshire in the United Kingdom who is in his early 60's. He was playing the popular "Pig Wizard" game on William Hill, when fortune struck him gold.

He placed a £1 wager on the game, pressed the spin button and then everything went nuts. The next thing he noticed was that £1,659,372 had rolled into his playing account and that he was now a millionaire. "I couldn't believe it when I won it," the anonymous man said to the press.

"I kept saying over and over again, 'This can't be true'. I didn't sleep for two whole nights and my wife was climbing the walls as we waited over the bank holiday to see the money in our account." he explained and added "We are just so happy and enjoyed a nice bottle of Dom Perignon to celebrate. I was nearing retirement but now I can retire a wee bit early and put my feet up."

The winner is not going to keep all the money himself, though he will spend some on taking his wife with him to Las Vegas as well as spoil their son a bit. Some of the money will also be shared with friends and family to try and make their life a little sweeter.

"We've got a lovely family and to think I can make such a difference to their lives just by playing a game for a bit of fun. It is just incredible. I will head off to Vegas with my wife but I will make sure I won't spend too much." The winner finalized. Congratulations on the big win!

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