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EntwineTech Casino

EntwineTech Casino was founded in 2004 and is now the leading and largest live dealer casino provider in the world. EntwineTech has more than 70 companies currently using their solution to bring their players the real casino feeling at home. Among the companies using the service there are 888, Bet Victor and 188Bet which are all known to be quite large casino and sports betting companies.

EntwineTech currently employees over 200 employees all over the world and offers live dealer games directly from a studio or a real casino, branded in the companies' names.

EntwineTech Software

Since EntwineTech is a live dealer provider, they do not use a lot of software besides the basic table look and betting software, but instead uses dealers and cameras for the most part. The software that is being used is designed by their own development team and is designed to resemble a real casino table as much as possible, so players don't really notice that they are betting on software and not directly on the table. They make minor adjustments to the software on a regular basis to make it run better and make it look more natural.

The live dealer streams comes in standard quality and high quality, which depends on what kind of connection you have. You can choose different camera angles of the table, showing the dealer or the table as well as resizing the stream frame to be large or small. With these custom settings you can get the experience just as you like it and not how others like it. It is also possible to chat with the dealers in a live chat box, many times the dealers will reply back directly as if you were in front of them. You can even tip the dealers if you think they are doing a good job and you are winning.

The dealers are based out of real casinos or studios, depending on what games or what site you are using. Since EntwineTech provides tailor-made solutions to their clients, it also means that some of them have branded dealers and tables. In those cases, the dealers will be recorded live from a studio so that there will be no conflict of interest between the land-based and online casinos.

To play these live dealer games, you can choose if you want to download a program or play directly in your browser. The program will give you the extra features that the casino site has decided to include, as well as fast access to all the games with a icon on your desktop. However the program only works for Windows and not any other operational system, so only players using Windows can use this option. The browser version however, works for all operational systems that has a internet browser with flash. This is why this option is preferred by more and more casinos, as it doesn't limit who they can have as customers and also ensures that players doesn't have to download a program to play, which many don't like.

Being the world's leading live dealer casino provider, EntwineTech are also the first to provide live dealer games directly on your mobile device. Launched in October 2013, EntwineTech now supports all their live dealer games to be played on all newer mobile smartphones and tablets. The quality of the games are just as high as when you play on a regular computer and the software has been customized to fit perfectly on any screen size and resolution. This makes it possible for players to take the action with them wherever they may go as long as they have internet.  

EntwineTech Games

EntwineTech doesn't offer a lot of different and unique games as many other casino providers do, as they focus only on the live dealer games. This means that you will only find the classic table games from the casino in their portfolio. Despite this, the games are more popular than ever as they provide players with the real casino feeling because of the live stream and the dealers handling everything, This makes players feel more secure and safe as they can see that no cheating is going on and trust the games more.

EntwineTech offers three different categories of games, in which they have different variants of each game. Below you can find the categories including the different variants:

Baccarat: In the baccarat category, EntwineTech offers four different types of Baccarat. They offer the Traditional Baccarat, Super 6 Baccarat, Baccarat Pair and Super Baccarat. The basic rules of the game is the same, but the different variants all have extra things to bet on.

Roulette: EntwineTech offers four different kinds of Roulette to the players. Big Screen Roulette, European Roulette, Asian Roulette and 3D Roulette. The rules vary slightly in the different games, the main difference here is the design of the software and what wheel is being used.

Blackjack: Currently only one type of Blackjack is offered and it's the classic casino version on a big screen, called Big Screen Blackjack. The game is as you know it from everywhere else, but with betting directly on the table and a i-Shoe being used to ensure fair gaming.

Security and Fairness

Since EntwineTech doesn't have any virtual games, they do not need to have a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide any results for them. Instead they have to follow casino protocols to ensure that everything is happening fair. All games are monitored by security to see if any dealer should try and cheat, the cards are shuffled when they need to, the decks are changed hourly, the dealers change regularly and lots of other security measurements. This ensures you that all games are fair safe and that you don't have to worry about being cheated.

EntwineTech holds a license with the Alderney Gaming Commission, who ensures that all products EntwineTech releases has all been checked as well as checking on their current games on a regular basis.