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2017-07-25 09:17

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has recently signed a law legalising all fantasy sports game in the state.

The status of whether the gaming companies were operating legally, providing fantasy gaming was not clear, and near about 200,000 people would participate in some form of fantasy gaming every year.

Under the establishments of the new law the state would regulate the gaming but would not be making money from it, i.e. fantasy sports under the new law would not be taxed in the state of New Hampshire.

According to the head of the state lottery commission, Charlie McIntyre, it is a good thing since earlier due to extremely high taxes only giant companies could afford to do the business, but no taxes and fees would allow more competition.

Earlier the state was considering in its previous proposal of charging these gaming companies of an annual fee of $5,000 and 5 percent of their gross revenue each year, resulting in state earning $100,000 to $200,000 annually. 

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