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2017-07-25 06:02

Two weeks after the signing of the cooperation agreement for the creation of an online poker network by the regulatory bodies of France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, ARJEL- the French online Gambling Regulator, has published initial instruction for online poker operators for France-facing to participate in the shared liquidity project.

As per the instructions, the interested operators who apply for participation in the shared liquidity project will be subjected to a detailed investigation. At present, four licensed operators are serving the French players viz. Winamax, PokerStars, iPoker’s skins, and PartyPoker.

Winamax, in what seems its bid to expand its footprint to all the countries in shared liquidity agreement has announced the hiring of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian speaking staff. PokerStars seems to be the other operator interested in taking part in shared liquidity project, owing to the licence the company holds in all the four countries.

Under the recent instructions of ARJEL, the list of regulators approved or not for shared liquidity, will be announced on the website, and those approved will have to comply with the regulations of the jurisdiction where they will be provided.

Though, the agreement was signed on July 6 this year; it will take another half a year before the network is created and operational.


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