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2017-05-22 06:41

Therese Ogumoro,the zoning administrator, has recently stated that the House Bill 20-12 should not be passed.  This is a bill is a 2 years’extension for the relocation of residential poker arcades.

The Saipan Law 18-5 of 2013 is not aiming to close poker establishments, but rather get them moved to other designated areas where their operations can be centralized as well as relocating them out of villages and family residential areas.

She believes that by getting poker outlets out of residential areas, serious crime and drug-related activities will be minimalised. According to statistics, the number of crimes surrounding poker establishments is alarming and serious attention in these areas is required. 

The majority of revenues from poker fund the Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance program and part of the funds also go to the zoning office.

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