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2017-06-22 05:10

With a massive increase in the demand for graphics cards following the cryptocurrency mining mania, the European consumers and especially Russian consumers are facing graphics card shortages.

It is very unlikely for this shortage to subside anytime soon, as some miners claim to earn an average $1600 USD per month, while the average monthly salary in Russia is less than $700 USD. This has swelled up the demand for cryptocurrency mining hardware thereby causing a dramatic shortage of the graphic cards.

The prices of these graphics cards have gone up by 80% approximately as individuals are reportedly purchasing up to 600 graphic cards at once and the graphic card shipment tripling over the past two months.

This rising demand for the graphics card is not confined to Russia alone, but originating from across the globe as this cryptocurrency mining is majorly in demands in many developing nations by offering individuals the profits that are usually higher than what is offered to them in the labour market.

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