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2017-04-29 10:12

If you want your money to be transferred safe and sound, then the best way is to turn to cryptocurrency. After the inception in the year 2009, the world has grown on cryptocurrency exchange a lot. Now the market has many cryptocurrency exchanges. Well, the cryptocurrency exchange, Changellyhas just increased the number of digital currency in its store. The new anon is Crypto PIVX. The new digital currency will be a great benefit for all the digital currency users. The PIVX can be bought with your credit card. You can also exchange the othercryptocurrencies on the stage for the newly added PIVX.

It is worth mentioning that Changelly is only among the few who allows the usage of credit card to buy the Cryptocurrencies. The initiative is a great one by the Changelly. With PIVX waning on the digital currency list, this step would be a great boost for all the users and the company as well. The users have the right to either buy or sell PIVX which are in connection with the USD. Well, time will only reveal whether the step would stand up to the challenge on the digital currency platform. The company needs to put up the best effort to make up to the expectations.


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