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2017-05-22 06:37

The $4 billion Resorts World Las Vegas, now scheduled to open in 2020, will be the first “ground-up” resort to be built in the town for almost 10 years. 
This long-awaited project was initially planned for opening in 2016 and then in 2019.  This delay has been put down to changes in the design where a younger audience is being aimed at.

President Edward Farrell recently stated: “The initial drawing had a lot of traditional, older Chinese architecture and elements and the company has decided to shift the design to something much more modern after analyzing the Las Vegas market throughout the past couple of years.”

The Resort will feature 3000 hotel rooms, many restaurants, theatres and shops and gaming space of 100 000 sq. feet. What space is to be dedicated to poker is at this stage unclear.

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